We receive a notifications within a few minutes of submission. As long as your inquiry was submitted within our hours of operation, one of our loan originators will contact you within 90 minutes. If you submit an inquiry outside of our hours, you will be contacted the next day. We generally prefer to followup with a phone call for our first conversation so feel free to leave a note telling us what hours are best to call you! If you miss our call, don’t worry – we will leave a message and try you again later.

If you fill out an online application or “contact us” form and you aren’t sure if the submission went through, feel free to send us an email to followup! You can also call our office or send us a message on Facebook.

First time home buyer? No problem! Just send submit an inquiry form or give us a call to let us know you are brand new to the process. We will give you a run down of what to expect and will be available to answer any questions you have. We know the home buying process can be very overwhelming and stressful which is why we make ourselves available to help you in every way possible.

There are so many reasons you may not be able to buy a house right away. One of the most common is credit. Mortgage companies use a different algorithm to determine your credit score than car companies, student loan providers or credit card companies. A lot of the online credit score providers tend to be inaccurate as well. If your credit score is too low to buy right away, that’s okay! We can refer you to a credit repair specialist and put together a game plan so that you can buy a house in the near future. Just because the numbers aren’t lining up doesn’t mean we won’t be there for you. Our goal is to help you buy a house, even if it takes a little longer to get there.

It’s okay if you come to us without knowing what type of mortgage you want! Our job is to look at your application and see what products would work best to fit both your current needs and long term goals. We take the time to learn what you want to do with your home. Is this the home you plan on staying in for the next 30 years or only the next couple of years? Is this going to be your first home? Are you planning to eventually use this house as an investment property? There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a loan program outside of the raw numbers. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best product for your situation and that you understand what your particular mortgage is all about.

If you have a question, ask! It’s our job to make sure you understand where you stand with your mortgage. We are going to reach out to you directly at the key points of the process. Such as: when we finish reviewing your application, after we receive a purchase contract from your realtor, after we send out your loan package, when we submit your loan to underwriting, when underwriting issues a commitment letter, after the CD has been sent, etc. Don’t worry if you aren’t getting a call or message from us on a daily basis – the level of contact we initiate will be based on what stage of the process you are in. We usually let you know when we are “hurrying up to wait”. After we submit your loan to underwriting, there are generally several days where we all just wait to hear back from the underwriter. Silence doesn’t mean trouble! But if you are wondering what the status of your loan is at, or just have questions – reach out to us! We are here to help.

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The Generation Mortgage team are on top of their game and their commitment to superior customer service is evident from the first call, through the closing and even a year and a half after the closing when I needed some documents for my accountant… If you are looking for a mortgage expert who will guide you through the entire process and put YOUR needs first, I would only recommend Dustin Mack and Generation Mortgage. Thanks for being there for us through the mortgage process and most importantly after the closing.

Kyle Jay

The Team was very professional and helpful. They knew how to get the best rate and get a closing date quickly. Highly recommended

Mirtha Santiago, Your Content Goes Here

Dustin and his team has made the process of buying a home as easy as possible for us. There’s no headache of going from bank to bank to get the best deal. He really looks out for his clients

Derrick Yip