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How Much Is Too Much With Your Mortgage?

Mortgages are a world of unknowns to the general population – For most people, you aren’t typically applying for a mortgage every day. Even a seasoned real estate investor can get tripped up every now and then as guidelines change and mortgage companies update their processes. So how much contact is too much contact? [...]

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How to Get a Mortgage With NO Down Payment

Intro to the World of Mortgages The world of mortgage products is vast and can be overwhelming. As a borrower, it’s nearly impossible to sift through everything that’s available. If you talk to one bank, they can only give you “x”. Then you talk to a mortgage broker and suddenly they are telling you [...]

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How Your Home’s Equity Can Work For You

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR HOMES EQUITY Equity is one of those words that’s frequently thrown around, everyone nods along in agreement, then we walk away slightly confused. It’s a little ambiguous – you can’t define it just based on context. And it’s not something that’s often covered in school. But it’s actually [...]

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5 Easy Steps to Make Buying a Home Less Stressful

There are so many moving parts to buying a home. From negotiating the sales contract to scheduling inspections to making sure you’re able to obtain mortgage commitment on time. While this all may seem insurmountable at first, a little bit of planning and preparation can go a long way! 1.  Learn what your credit score REALLY [...]

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Don’t Lose Out on a House Because You Didn’t Meet Your Dates!

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or you are a seasoned investor, “meeting your dates” is a phrase you will hear up until you close on your house. When you decide you want to make an offer on a house, your real estate agent will draft up an offer and submit [...]

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